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Locks & Lights Are Not Enough

According to new research by Digital ID, 59% of SMEs in the UK rely purely on locks and security lights, with nothing else in place.

Security Lights at Night

Furthermore, 66% have no security in place at all during operational hours.

The research goes on to say that 23% of businesses have minimal visitor security, and 36% have none at all.

41% had good security measures in place, the most popular being ID cards and restrictive access gates.

Alan Lingwood, Director of Lingwood Security, said: “These findings are very worrying given the heightened level of threat recently seen across Europe. Buildings and construction sites should have a level of access control to prevent theft and unauthorised people wandering onto the premises.  It’s also reassuring for visitors to be processed on arrival, as it demonstrates that the company takes security seriously.

When we sit down with a new client, we always start with a thorough review of what’s already in place. This is the ideal time to eradicate bad practice and put new measures in place to ensure security is maintained at all times.”

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Max Thomas, Security Advisor North & Midlands - Balfour Beatty

Lingwood Security Management provide a professional service at extremely competitive rates. Their communication is always prompt and their service has consistently gone the extra mile. Several of our project managers have praised Lingwood’s guarding and I feel confident on our site security whenever they are deployed.


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For security assistance, or to request a quote, please call: 01524 852275