For security assistance, or to request a quote, please call: 01524 852275

About Us

Lingwood Security provides a UK wide professional security service, offering maximum protection for you and your business.

We specialise in the Utility, Rail, Energy and Construction sectors, providing security advice and protection that is both a credible deterrent to criminals, and an appropriate response to potential business losses.

Each security project brings its own unique challenges, therefore we do not offer out of the box solutions, but deliver a tailor-made service and proactive response directly suited to your needs.

Based in Heysham, Lancashire, Lingwood Security was established in 1995 to provide a professional, reliable, bespoke security service to the private and corporate sector. Through expansion and growth, Lingwood Security is now one of the UK's foremost providers of professional security services.

Our clients include rail network operators, national utility suppliers, market leaders in construction, commerce, heavy industry, manufacturing and distribution, multinational corporations, educational and health providers, and government agencies. We also support small and medium size businesses and are highly active in our local community.

To discuss ways in which Lingwood Security could help secure you or your business, please contact us.

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We have recently opened a satellite office in Maidstone, as part of a strategy to expand our presence in the south of England and provide greater support to our clients located there. See here for the full story - Increasing Our Presence in the South

What Can We Do:

  • Organisation culture is an important consideration when developing your security management programme. 
  • Lingwood Security Management will set security programme objectives that are harmonious with the needs, nature and culture of your enterprise. 
  • The culture of your enterprise is defined by shared attitudes, values, and practices that support your mission. 

While the primary mission of Lingwood Security Management is to protect your assets, anything and everything that Lingwood Security Management does will be in harmony with your overall organisational culture. 

Client Testimonials

Max Thomas, Security Advisor North & Midlands - Balfour Beatty

Lingwood Security Management provide a professional service at extremely competitive rates. Their communication is always prompt and their service has consistently gone the extra mile. Several of our project managers have praised Lingwood’s guarding and I feel confident on our site security whenever they are deployed.


Our Services

UK Wide Coverage

Lingwood Security Management operatives are all trained to the highest standards and provide physical intelligence, threat mitigation, executive personal protection, employee personal protection measures, surveillance and protection systems to our client base.

For security assistance, or to request a quote, please call: 01524 852275