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School & Campus Security

Lingwood Security offer low-key security options for schools and university campuses across Great Britain.

Lingwood Security can provide schools and universities with a security package that includes:

  • Alarm monitoring service after school hours, and 24 hours during school breaks.
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring service.
  • Regular patrol of buildings.
  • Lone worker monitoring via remote hand held alarms for teachers, or administrative and maintenance staff working outside of normal school hours.
  • Other Public Buildings: We also provide similar security services for other public buildings or construction and renovation sites that are part of the school or campus complex.

Unfortunately, in today’s society schools are increasingly at risk from the threat of vandalism, violence and arson. Nobody wants to see our schools become fortresses however, it has become necessary to protect pupils, staff, and buildings from potential threats to their safety.

Lingwood Security’s professional consultants establish low-key security at schools across the country, appropriate measures are designed to address specific problems unique to school and university life.

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