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Changes to the SIA

18th June 2015

Earlier this year, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) announced that it will be making changes to modernise the licensing system.

They plan to launch new online services that will improve the information available to both applicants and businesses, speed up the application process, and improve the level of service to companies like Lingwood Security Management, who deal with them on a regular basis.

The new license will have more stringent security features that will prevent forgery. In response to feedback provided to the SIA by ourselves and the other major UK security management providers, they have increased the size of the license holder photograph to almost double. The silver hologram has been replaced with a holographic overlay (similar to a driving license), which is visible when tilted at the right angle. This is far harder to copy and also protects the picture.

All license holders will be able to go online and amend their own information, as well as apply for and renew their own license. This speeds up the administration process internally for us, for whilst we will still screen and vet every single employee prior to work commencing, it means that candidates can prepare in advance and take responsibility for their own information.

If you have any questions about how these changes to the SIA License will affect your security provision, call 01524 852275 for details.