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Dementia Care Training

Lingwood Security Management guards recently attended a Dementia Care training course to better help them understand how to work with and manage sufferers in security situations, particularly as part of our work in the health care sector and NHS hospitals.

The training focused on de-escalation from a security point of view, helping the guards to understand the specific needs of sufferers and how best to assist them.

The course began by challenging some common myths and negative attitudes about dementia, looking at what dementia actually is, as well as helping the guards understand the specific signs and symptoms.

Following this, there was a focus on the complex difficulties faced by sufferers and some of the causes of these, as well as situations that can exacerbate the condition.

This training course forms part of our continued drive to invest in our staff and better equip them to deal with situations they are likely to encounter in their professional capacity (and in this case, potentially their personal lives). We work closely with University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust and have provided security services at Lancaster Royal Infirmary for a number of years, along with several other UK hospitals.

Dementia Care Training