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Environmental Sustainability Plan

Lingwood Security takes its responsibilities seriously and undertakes significant and lasting steps to minimise adverse environmental impacts and to conserve natural resources in its activities.

Lingwood Security are pleased to be implementing their own plan by aiming to use electric vehicles within the next year, embracing the bike to work scheme and encouraging car sharing once social distancing rules allow.

As a company, we currently hold an Environmental Sustainability Plan. We aim to recycle all waste including bottles, paper, cardboard, grass, cooking oil and wet waste. We also encourage all suppliers and clients to do the same. We seek to minimise the use of non-renewable resources, monitor and analyse energy usage and reduce consumption. We had solar panels installed on our premises to reduce our carbon footprint, hold regular meetings to raise environmental awareness amongst staff, ensure that cleaning materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and have an active planned maintenance programme to reduce the environmental impact of activities within the company and to conserve energy where possible.

The Construction Index Ltd have released an article on Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution as he announces his plans to build an environmentally healthier and greener Britain. The plan will involve £12bn of public spending over the years in areas from energy to construction. The 10 points will include Offshore Wind, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Electric Vehicles, Public Transport, Jetzero, Homes and Public Buildings, Carbon Capture, Nature, Innovation and Finance.

Chief Executive for Consultancy and Engineering, Hannah Vickers responded with: “This 10-point plan is recognition that in order to meet society’s Net Zero aspirations, we need tangible action. We can only ‘build back better’ from Covid-19 if our growth is cleaner and greener.”

If you would like to read more on the article then please find it on the following link:

How are other companies working towards a greener Britain? How are you as an individual reducing your carbon footprint? We would love to know.