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Expanding Local Support

Lingwood Security Management is currently undergoing an expansion of their Furness security teams in response to the high level of investment being pumped into the area, including the development of the second phase of the Barrow Waterfront project which starts next week (22nd August) which is being led by VHE of Barnsley.

Lingwood Security is undertaking a recruitment drive in the Barrow area as it builds its client portfolio in SW Cumbria and around the Morecambe Bay area  and reinforces its commitment as part of this expansion process, to utilising local talent to expand their workforce and further contributing to the investment in the economy of the area.

The levels of investment currently being seen in both nationally strategic energy, industrial and defence business projects and in health, housing and local business sectors in which we operate is a fantastic boost for the Furness area, and has increased the demand for professional, reliable bespoke, mobile, static, call-out, monitoring security services in order to keep things safe, protected and on track.

Lingwood Security are very well established across the whole Bay area. It is celebrating its 21st anniversary, having been supplying Security Services since 1995, by undertaking this expansion which is developing its varied service offer mostly focused around security guarding, CCTV installation and monitoring.

Director Alan Lingwood said today: “Our company has identified growth opportunities on our western doorstep in SW Cumbria that add to our national portfolio of business and we are now recruiting to fulfil the security needs of our clients and to support local people by providing a range of secure job opportunities.”

IN THE PRESS: North West Evening Mail

Barrow Waterfront Development Area