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Improving Communications

At Lingwood Security Management, we are always looking at ways to improve our service to clients, and with this in mind, have recently developed a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to streamline our communication process with clients.

Communication between Lingwood Security and our clients is an essential part of managing any project, and by refining our internal process and identifying all the key points of contact during a project, it allows us to continue to drive up standards in the security sector.

Our new CRM system was launched in January 2018 and is headed up by Summer Jenkins, our CRM Administrator. Summer reported that in the two months it has been operational, she has already started to notice the benefits with our clients, with improved lines of communication and regular updates on what is going on with their respective sites. 

Part of the new system involves visiting every project site twice a month. A daytime visit so that we can speak to the client(s), gather any feedback, discuss any concerns and ensure they are happy with the service being provided. This is followed by a night time visit, to check that our guards are working to their full potential and wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and uniform.

After each visit, a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Report is completed and shared with the client and our internal team, so that everyone is aware of what is happening on that particular site.

The Communication Plan

  1. Summer informs project managers which sites need visiting
  2. Manager/supervisor schedules the visits (day & night)
  3. Visits are carried out
  4. KPI report and feedback form completed on return
  5. All completed documents submitted to Summer and stored on the CRM system
  6. Reports are analysed by Summer and any necessary actions forwarded to HR
  7. HR inform staff of required actions, or speak to specific guards if needed
  8. Summer contacts clients to ensure they are happy with the outcome

A good communication strategy benefits everybody in the organisation. It allows the client to be clear about how their sites are operating. It allows internal staff and managers to be aware of any issues and intervene at the earliest possible stage, as well as to celebrate successes when they occur and give praise to the individuals involved. It’s also a means of clarifying our service standards to all our guards, providing feedback on how they are performing, which can in turn be very motivational. A steady stream of communication at all levels of the business allows everyone to make confident, informed decisions based on established practices and protocols, particularly in pressure situations when a fast decision is often called for.