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NHS Security Contract Awarded

Earlier this week the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt and the Chief Executive of the Trust, Jackie Daniel visited The Royal Lancaster Infirmary to hold a meeting with NHS Staff. Our Security was used to ensure that their visit went as smoothly as possible, and that the area was safe and secure for all who attended.

This visit happens to coincide with further good news for Lingwood Security. We have worked closely with the NHS Nursing Staff now for 4 years, all around The Bay area and it would seem, that all the hard work has payed off, as we have just been informed that we have been awarded the contract for a further 2 years. Our highly trained team are there to support the NHS and help to protect and care for all patients and staff alike.

By working collaboratively with the trust we have developed a very close relationship and it was agreed that our Support & Security Staff would undergo full training to enable them to better assist with patients that have mental health problems. We have also recently agreed to change the uniform of our staff, to ensure that their appearance is calming and compassionate. These positive changes and the fantastic ‘can do’ attitude of all of our staff, makes all the difference to demonstrate that Lingwood Security are not just ‘any’ Security Company – We are ‘experts’ that are able to mould into any corporation and create all security solutions.

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Jeremy Hunt visits RLI

Photo source: Freshthinking NHS