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NHS Shared Business Services

Lingwood Security Management are proud to have been selected as one of the suppliers for the NHS Shared Business Services.

NHS Shared Business Services Approved Framework Supplier

Following a successful application process, Lingwood Security have joined an exclusive list of suppliers to NHS Shared Business Services, which allows all approved organisations to select us as their preferred supplier for all aspects of security. The initial period of acceptance is two years, with a possible two year extension after that.

As an existing provider of secure bed-watch services at Lancaster, Preston, Barrow and Kendal hospitals, we already have a solid understanding of the sector, and this will allow us to further expand our foothold by creating new relationships with NHS Shared Business Services members.

The framework offers a number of clear benefits to its customers, including vastly speeding up the procurement process by removing the need for formal tendering, and providing a robust platform which ensures competitive pricing is always at the forefront of any agreement.

Key Benefits to NHS Shared Business Services Customers

  • No formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process
  • The agreement gives freedom and flexibility for all Approved Organisations to choose the suppliers they wish within the remit of the Agreement
  • The procurement can offer a solution for certain service areas whereby trusts can directly call off from the Agreement or a Bundle of different services according to requirements
  • There is an opportunity to run a Mini Competition off the back of the Framework Agreement, in order to meet the bespoke requirements of each customer and drive down pricing
  • Competitive Pricing – Capped ceiling prices during the Framework period to support budgeting and calculation of benefits realised by Approved Organisations
  • Robust Framework – A specification which has been reviewed and approved by a specialist stakeholder group as well as suitable testing of the market to offer robust market tested suppliers that comply with latest guidance and regulations
  • Flexible contract terms


Benefits to Lingwood Security

  • Access to wider customer base: This Framework will be made available free of charge to all Public Sector Organisations in the UK including but not limited to the NHS, Police, Schools, Universities, Local Authorities and others.
  • Direct sales opportunities: As a supplier, we are able to sell our products and services direct to our existing and prospective NHS Shared Business Services customers without further competition
  • Marketing on behalf of suppliers: NHS Shared Business Services promote the Framework Agreement via contract marketing flyers, a bespoke Buying Guide, NHS SBS’s Intranet and more
  • Sharing business opportunities: NHS SBS is keen to work in partnership with suppliers on our Frameworks to identify and flag and potential business opportunities


Speaking following the announcement about the NHS Shared Business Services framework, Alan Lingwood, Director, said: “I am delighted to be joining this prestigious national framework and am confident that it will allow us to create valuable contacts, secure future work, and create jobs as a result of that. NHS Shared Business Services is a very successful shared service provider and offers a solid foundation for both customers and suppliers to interact and do business together in a direct way, which speeds things up on both sides of the table. As a business, we are always looking for ways to expand and to introduce new opportunities for people who are looking for work in the security sector, so this latest step for the business is perfectly aligned with our growth strategy. Well done to all of the team who were involved in this process.”