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Ten Years of Dedication

Last week one of our team, Dave Williams, was celebrating ten years with Lingwood Security Management. As a company, we place great value in developing and retaining staff, so it was nice to present Dave with a special pen set to mark the occasion and to thank him for his dedication and hard work.

Dave is currently working as a Supervisor at Halton Camp on the Bay Gateway project for Costain. You can read more on that project here…

Dave’s role on site involves checking the ID of everyone entering the site and running through the relevant health and safety information that they require. He also ensures that all visitors to site are put in contact with the correct person and oversees the arrival of materials onto the site to make sure they end up in the right place. This front of house role has been vital to the security of the Costain project, and Dave will remain on the project until at least March when the final elements are completed.

Dave called into the office to collect his pen last week, so we decided to ask him a few quick questions:

How did you first get involved with Lingwood Security?
I first got involved through Denby Murgatroyd who was a supervisor for us at Morecambe FC from 2002 – 2016 (working in match day security). My wife knew him quite well and asked if there were any jobs in security going with the company.

What was your first impression of the company?
I loved it. The management treat you with respect and always go out of their way to help you out. I loved the fact you could work on all different projects and travel to different locations.

Can you remember the first project you worked on?
I started working as a Football Steward at Morecambe Football Club and then also worked on a static site in Kendal but I can’t remember the client. I then went working in Watford on a golf tournament where Tiger Woods was playing – that was fun!

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t working for us?
Working in retail I think.

What is the best project you have worked on?
The best project would be working on the J Murphy & Son project in Bangor, Wales. It was very well organised and the people I met there were great. I also felt more at home (Dave is welsh)!
Also I have really enjoyed working on the Bay Gateway. I have a great relationship with the site manager, Martin Baker; the site is set up very professionally and everyone involved has done a great job.

What skills have you learnt whilst working with us?
I have gained extensive knowledge about the security industry and also how to treat people with respect.

Where do you see Lingwood Security Management in five years time?
Growing ever more successful. I can see myself being here for the next 15 years.

Finally, what are your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy playing darts when I am not working.

Linwood Security Management would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Williams for ten years of dedication and hard work. We look forward to the next ten with you as a crucial part of our team.

Ten Years of Dedication