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Trespass, Vandalism, Cable Theft and Suicide Prevention

Lingwood Security have been awarded a three-year framework with Network Rail for the North and South of England to combat Trespass, Vandalism, Cable Theft and Suicide Prevention on their sites.

Network RailFollowing a stringent tendering process, Lingwood Security were one of a small group of companies to be selected and awarded the contract. The successful tendering process involved beating a number of our competitors in the industry, which was very satisfying given the high standards required for projects of this nature.

Lingwood Security are working alongside the British Transport Police to reassure the public that they are safe on and around the train stations. All operatives deployed on to this project are SIA and PTS Trained (Personal Track Safety) trained to ensure they understand the railway environment. They are working in two-person teams with a dedicated company vehicle.

Previous projects have proven to be highly successful for both the British Transport Police and Network Rail during trial runs and has seen a significant reduction in the number of incidents and disruptions on our trainlines. Lingwood Security have also been ranked first in the North and awarded the first year’s requirements for the North.

Speaking about the project, Alan Lingwood, Director, said: “We have previously seen great results when working on these preventative projects with Network Rail and the British Transport Police. It is a privilege to be involved again and to be taking our share of responsibility for safety and security on the nation’s railway network.  Working with the British Transport Police is very beneficial for our guards, as it helps them align their security thought process with the legal framework associated with situations involving the railways. I hope that Lingwood Security Management can continue to play a vital role in keeping our railways, and the people who use them, safe and secure.”

Project Background

Vandalism and trespass on the railway is reckless and causes delays. It is also illegal and dangerous. If Network Rail are made aware of someone trespassing, they have to stop all trains in the vicinity to remove trespassers, check for damage and clear blockages. This not only delays nearby trains, but also has a knock-on effect on trains across the network, sometimes lasting for hours.

Certain parts of the railway, including stations, underpasses and level crossings, are open to the public. But when people go onto the tracks, embankments or other areas, they are trespassing. When people trespass on the railway and vandalise Network Rail property, they need to repair any damage and make sure the railway is safe before allowing trains to run again. This causes delays for passengers. Vandalism includes graffiti, litter, fly-tipping, overhead power-line and cable theft, and damage to fences, signs and tracks.

Project Specific Responsibilities

The objective of the project are to show a visible presence to deter trespass and vandalism at the agreed trespass hotspot locations. This includes following tasks:

Further Information

Lingwood Security Management deliver protective trackside rail security to our national railway infrastructure.

All of our rail security operatives are trained in Personal Track Safety. The PTS Card, or Personal Track Safety Card, enables individuals to legally work on or nearby Network Rail train tracks. The card is issued by Network Rail’s chosen identity card scheme called Sentinel.

Our rail security team are highly trained in trackside safety to deliver a fully compliant, skilled service across all aspects of the railway sector. They are highly competent operators; fully uniformed at all times and carry all of the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with them, supplied and approved by head office.

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