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Winner of the Diversity Champion Award & International Inclusion Award Corporate Sector 2022


Lingwood Security are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the winner of the Diversity Champion Award and International Inclusion Award from Diversiton.

This fantastic achievement is the result of a great deal of hard work by staff from all areas of our team.

Diversiton (established in 2003) has sought to encourage and promote inclusion, respect and opportunities for everyone at work and in our wider world.  They introduced the Diversity Calendar in 2003 and the Awards in 2013. Their Awards are now well established and recognised across all industries.

The awards process is handled by an independent assessor who made the following positive observations about Lingwood Security Management:

We are proud of our current staff training and support systems, having worked hard to introduce and develop them in recent years, so this award is a very satisfying recognition of the work that has gone into it.

Speaking following the award, Alan Lingwood, Director, said: “Wow, what an achievement! To say I am proud of the team is an understatement. We have invested a lot of time and resources into delivering a better package for our employees across the board. We also strive to engage with the community wherever possible, and look to support local initiatives, alongside our work with the NHS. It’s great to see all of this recognised and brought under one fantastic award. My thanks to the team at Diversiton for considering us for this award. The challenge now is drive up our standards further, and ensure we can retain this next year.”