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Suzanne Hamilton


Women in Security: A Closer Look at Diversity and Inclusion at Lingwood Security Management

In the security industry, the demand for varied skills and perspectives is ever-growing, and the experiences of women in the industry are particularly compelling. At Lingwood Security Management, we’re proud to highlight the personal journey and insights of one of our dedicated female security officers, who has brought a fresh perspective to the role and demonstrated the importance of gender diversity in security operations.

Read below the details given to us by Suzanne Hamilton about her experiences. 

Why I Chose a Career in Security

I chose to work in security because it is such a varied role. I started my career working in nightclubs and event security, and after about four years, I joined Lingwood. The dynamic nature of the job drew me in—no two days are ever the same, and I thrive on that diversity.

The Importance of Female Presence in Security

There absolutely should be more females working in security. I’ve worked with some wonderful ladies, and it works well to have a balance of male and female perspectives. From conducting basic bag and body searches to assisting ladies in crisis, sometimes individuals find it easier to approach a woman. Initiatives like “Ask for Angela” can be more effectively executed with a strong female presence, providing discreet help in unsafe situations.

The Varied Nature of My Job

I love how varied my job is. I have met so many different people because of my work and always feel safe and supported. Each shift brings new challenges and opportunities to help and interact with others in meaningful ways.

My Biggest Challenges

At the moment, finding a toilet after 10pm and a stab vest that fits is my biggest challenge! It would seem all our gear is XXL, which isn’t always suitable for women.

How Lingwood Supports Me and My Family

Lingwood has been great for me and my children. My supervisor, Dan, is incredibly supportive of the work-life balance I need. He ensures there’s never any pressure to work additional hours. I’m lucky enough to work with a team that’s not only amazing but also familiar—some members have been my colleagues in previous roles.

Why More Women Should Join Security

I would recommend any woman consider working in security. It’s not all about size or being tough. I wear lip gloss and nail varnish to work. What’s important is finding a team. I was blessed to find mine the first night I went on shift in a nightclub. That team has been my support and backup for years and continues to be here at Lingwood. I have extended this team now working at Lingwood and always, always feel safe.


Lingwood Security Management is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued. By sharing stories like mine, we hope to inspire more women to join the security industry and help us continue to improve and evolve. If you’re looking for a varied, impactful, and supportive role, consider the possibilities a career in security at Lingwood can offer.

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