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We are looking to expand our Security Team UK-wide. We are a family-run business with a close working management team who are committed to protecting the mental health and physical health of all our staff and we have an excellent staff portal with many benefits to offer. Please see below for further information on this, or head to our jobs page on Indeed.

Job opportunities at Lingwood Security

Monthly Pay (PAYE)

Reassurance that you will be paid on the 9th of every month. If the 9th falls on a weekend you will be paid the Friday before.

Training & Development

The chance to develop yourself and progress in your career with over 50 free online courses you can complete. We are also working with a local training providing to offer our staff accredited qualifications in Customer Service, Management, Health and Safety and Mental Health.

GP Services

A qualified doctor (GP), for you and your family, available 24/7 to call for any questions or concerns; eliminating the long waiting weeks to book an appointment. Consultations can also be conducted online, via webcam, between 8:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

Care Support

A one-stop resource to find the best advice, services, and products for your loved ones’ care needs. Expert advisors help you find the best solutions on care, medical finances, property and funding or legal support.

Medical Specialist

Professional guidance to review surgical options available for you, along with the private hospital costs that may arise.

Health Info & Assessments

A vast database of medical articles, signed by experts in all related fields, and a free online health assessment to evaluate your health and fitness levels. The results offer advice on healthy eating and exercise plans designed specifically for you.

Pay & Pension

Your personal payslips portal, accessible anytime, online. A free service that allows you to monitor your pay, pension plan and investments.

Fitness & Well-being

A portal designed to improve your health through a medically validated database about health, disease, lifestyle, and travel issues.

Discount Portal

A free app that provides discounts and special offers on hundreds of well-known brands, designed to upgrade your lifestyle while enjoying an average of £1,200 in annual savings.

Helpline & Support

Easy and immediate access to counselling support; reducing the on-going pressure from work or home for you and your family.

Other Benefits

A health cash plan along with various insurance covers (Travel, Plan4life Cancer, Care4Life and Personal Accident) by BHSF are also available to guarantee your safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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